ADITEX, Ltd. is the supplier of modern maintenance-free foam fire extinguishing sprays in EU markets. Sprays are designed for fast, easy and safe usage against fires at their initial stage for professionals and beginners.

Fire extinguishing spray HAS 750 has been tested by independent laboratory for fire equipment research Materialprüfungsanstalt (MPA) Dresden, Germany to prove its great effectiveness against initial stage of fires. Tests revealed the fire extinguishing performance ratings 3A, 21B and 5F, including the usage of spray for fires of electrical equipment up to 1000 V. The great advantage of the HAS 750, in relation to the competitors, is its usage at temperatures up to -20 °C.

You have the ability to protect your assets at home and cottage, in the company, in your car or wherever the risk of the fire can arise (see the picture).

Protect your assets as a professional with the fire extinguisher spray HAS 750!

We are ready to produce fire extinguishing sprays HAS 750 in a custom design according to your requirements.